Monday, January 16, 2012

This is Tremendous

Isn't he Tremendous?
The newest blog to hit the Michigansophere, appropriately named Tremendous, recently asked MGoShoe and I to participate in a Michigan Recruiting Roundtable. Keith Thompson, who runs Tremendous and has landed some pretty sweet interviews over the past few months, gathered some of the best blog brains out there including Ace from MGoBlog, Magnus from Touch the Banner, DGDestroys formerly from The Wolverine Blog, SimplyComplex from MGoRecruit and MGoShoe from here. And when you're all like who's this dude with all the wrong answers -- that's me.

Anyway, check out the post here. Keith's doing a great job over there -- highly recommended. Follow him on Twitter and add him to your RSS feed accordingly.



  1. I'm surprised of all the linebackers there is no mention on Joe Bolden. It seems Bolden's been on a tear throughout his senior year and some scouts admit they have underrated his athleticism. Plus he's an early enrollee.

  2. yea, even a guy like Bolden can get lost given the talent of LBs Hoke's brought in for this class. Ross has recently gotten a lot of exposure and accolades but there's a good case for all 4 guys--I like RJS personally. Getting Bolden and Ringer on campus early will definitely help both of them too.

    It can go so many ways. I said it in the Roundtable but I think this LB class is pretty special and will produce 2 all-conference types. If we can't decide which one will be better among them, it's a pretty good debate to have.