Thursday, November 3, 2011

What's Going Down?

The man of the week so far has been Les Miles and his wonderfully white hat. This feature ran today at ESPN and someone showed me this clip which fired me up to go hit someone right now.

Les Miles is as entertaining as anyone and I am fortunate enough to work with some people that know him personally and verify that he is as crazy as he seems.

As much as I love to watch his antics I am more interested to see what Saban has cooked up for Saturday night. As boring and grumpy he seems, the man is too busy focusing on every detail that will help his team win. (Including helping teach his own team how to think.)

Alabama's defense is putting up historic numbers and as much of a special feeling I get when I watch LSU play there is something about watching Alabama.

The Tide players admit that their expectations are so high that they don't get to celebrate like other teams with victories. The standard is the standard as one of my favorite coaches likes to say. The biggest question I have is does Saban have his guys ready to embrace those colassal expecatons or are these kids just kids. It will be interesting to see. There really isn't much else to say about this matchup that hasn't already been said. Like the Ravens and Steelers that will play the following evening, just sit back and watch grown as men do work. On with the picks...

Brown at Yale Noon EST- I am starting off this epic weekend with a doozy. I am picking this game because my friend Colelli is an asshole and supposedly went to Brown. This year the first down Browns are 6-1 and are in contention for the Ivy League. Unfortunately for them their only loss was Harvard and lets be honest, Harvard and Yale are far superior to Brown. Suck it Colelli. Yale 28-20.

Louisville at WVU Noon EST- Louisville tried their best not to get left behind in the Big East but WVU jumped ship first. Unless it is WVU, I really hope the BCS just tells the Big East it won't accept its team into a bowl this year. Then the BCS would be sweet. WVU 35-22.

Texas Tech at Texas Noon EST- I have no idea what to expect from this game. I watch Tech's offennse blow away Oklahoma and then get blown out by ISU. The Horns held lowly Kansas to like 4 yards or something. I am gong with Texas because I want them to be good again. I want us to be us again. Texas 35-31.

Northwestern at Nebraska 3:30 EST- The 330 spot is a little light this week. I have no idea why ESPN is even televising any other night games. This game is part of the sub par Big Ten week. I still think the Wildcats have one big upset in them. I think it might be against Sparty though. Nebraska 31-21.

Texas A&M at Oklahoma 3:30 EST- I think everyone in the Big XII is going to miss the Aggies and their weekly choke jobs. I know the SEC is looking forward to them. OU 45-28.

South Carolina at Arkansas 7:15 EST- These are the 3rd and 4th best teams in the SEC and after them it gets pretty dicey. I am not dreading a New Years Day (technically Jan 2) matchup with an SEC team this year. Arkansas 27-20.

Arizona St at UCLA 7:30 EST- What a battle for the Pac 12 South. I just hope ASU wins so they can put Slick Rick out of his misery. ASU 41-10.

Kansas St at Oklahoma St 8 EST- I almost with I could listen to Musburger and Herbie half ass their announcing of this game as they watch the Bama/LSU game on a TV in the booth. One of my favorite Musburger traditions is when he brings up the Vegas odds. I can't wait until he brings up the lines for a game he isn't even covering. It needs to be a part of this game. OK St 61-13.

LSU at Alabama 8 EST- I want to see how AJ McCarron. It is not that I don't think he is any good it is that he hasn't done anything yet. LSU's back four are legit and if A.J. has no turnovers then I think Bama gets it done. The one big turnover will be the key. Bama 23-16.

Oregon at Washington 1030 EST- If Bama/LSU is legit you can keep the adrenaline running with this shootout. The Ducks need a win to set up a show down next week on the Farm. I think we get another big game next week. Ducks 41-35.

Have fun. Bring a chinstrap.

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