Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Red River Baby

I have to say, the Michigan schedule has been fantastic so far this season. Not only have they had 5 straight home games and now they come visit me here in Chicago but it has been conducive for watching other games as well.

With the late start this week I will be able to watch one of my favorite games in OU/Texas before heading up to Evanston. This game is always fun to watch not just because of the two quality teams but the venue itself. The field is split 50/50 as each of these fanbases parties at the Texas state fair. I hope they never give in to the cash grab and play it at Cowboys Stadium. There is just something about these two teams playing on a sunny afternoon in October.

This rivalry also produced one of my favorite sports moments when Roy Williams went airborne and hit Chris Simms. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was just a sophomore in high school and I didn't have a care in the world. God I miss you Chris Simms.

Thursday Cal at Oregon 9pm EST- The Ducks will be wearing these not retro throwbacks tomorrow night. Now that I am no longer dating the Ducks it feels like when the hot girl you used to date got a boob job for no reason. Since I have never dated a hot girl I guess I really don't know what I am talking about. Whatever. Oregon 45-21

Oklahoma vs Texas Noon EST- The most interesting stat I heard about this game is that the veteran QB is 8-2 in the last ten games in this series. Advantage Landry Jones. OU 31-21

Air Force at Notre Dame 330 EST- It is funny, after Michigan beats ND I never really care about the Irish the rest of the year. ND fans come up to me and start talking about their team and I forget they are still playing. So I would assume they win this game. But they have surprised us before. ND 31-28

Arizona St at Utah 330 EST- This game is going to be the winner of the PAC 12 South division. Which is basically saying which team gets to lose to Oregon or Stanford. This is sort of like the Legends division. Or is it Leaders? AZ ST 38-31.

Florida at LSU 330 EST- Good luck Jeff Driskel. Nothing like making your first start at LSU. I think this one will get out of hand. LSU 28-10

Iowa at PSU 330 EST- Wooo, Penn St. We need you to win. Unfortunately you don't have a QB who can pass unless they are playing the '10 Michigan defense. Plus Iowa owns PSU. Iowa 27-13

Missouri at Kansas St 330 EST- The Wildcats are still undefeated some how. I still know nothing about them. But, I am going to ride them. Kansas St 35-31

Auburn at Arkansas 7 EST- It is impressive that Auburn is still doing pretty well. Guz Malzahn is legit. I am still not sure what to think about the Razorbacks but this game is at home for them. Arkansas 45-41

Iowa St at Baylor 7 EST- More Robert Griffin III time. It is too bad Baylor lost last weekend because he is a great story. Come on Bears. Baylor 31-28

Ohio St at Nebraska 8 EST- I am so glad that I will be at Ryan Field for the Michigan game so that I don't have to watch OSU again. Last week I actually watch the Brewers game more than the Buckeye game because it was putting me to sleep. God I hope you guys will still be terrible when we play you. Nebraska 21-17

Once again, enjoy the weekend. Good luck to you Tigers fans out there.

Reminder hockey is back! I know only Canadian people and myself care at this point but I am looking forward to it. Go Pens

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  1. I hate how the '10 Michigan defense is becoming a running joke now. Like "put together OSU's offense with Greg Robinson's defense and you pretty much have the worst team ever". But the reference works so easily.