Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sometimes He's the Girl, Sometimes You're the Girl...

What a wonderful week of rumors and conference realignment talk. I love it when everyone runs around and panics like their internet doesn't work.

I can't believe I am typing this but I am actually glad that Jim Delany is running the Big Ten. While everyone was in panic mode, Delany was getting his Bill Martin on at the golf course.

Now I get that each school needs to look out for itself but sometimes I don't think they actually are helping themselves. I mean, look at Oklahoma. They were with the Big Twelve, then really wanted to get into California and the Pac 12 and then they didn't get in but in reality they got what they wanted by pushing all these buttons. It makes my head numb just thinking about the logic. It is Colelli-esque logic at best.

Take a look at this article by Wilbon about what all these teams are forfeiting for some more money and some so called stability. A conference built on hoops making moves based on football and tv contracts. Again, strange logic to some.

Enough of this crap, onto the games...

North Carolina at Georgia Tech Noon EST- I am stunned that UNC is still unbeaten with all of their turmoil they have been through. Meanwhile Ga Tech is doing their option thing. I can't really say I know much about either of their teams but I am going to go with a strong running game every time. Ga Tech 34-28

Notre Dame at Pitt Noon EST- There is nothing quite like a college football game at Heinz Field. It will be half full and most of the people there will be Irish fans. The only was Tommy Rees gets intimidated if he sees a poster of Woodley or James Harrison. ND 35-14.

Arkansas at Alabama 3:30 EST- I always love watching Bama going up against legit offenses. I want to see Saban match whits with Petrino. Arkansas can announce its presence in the West with a close game. I don't see it. Bama 28-13

Florida St at Clemson 3:30 EST- FSU and its defense announced it presence last week. One thing to worry about though is Manuel. Even if he is healthy, he wasn't that impressive last week. He can make plays but he overthrew plenty of passes. Clemson got a big win last week and somewhere Rich Rod is shaking at his head wondering what Denard throwing to Sammy Watkins would have looked like. Tough call. Clemson 24-21.

Oklahoma St at Texas A&M 3:30- I am so glad ESPN3 exists because of this game. I can throw up this game on the computer with all of the other games playing at 3:30. Just sit back and enjoy the chaos. This will be a shootout. A&M 45-41

Vanderbilt at South Carolina 7 EST- Talk about a surprising start. When I was picking games for this week I was stunned that I was adding this to the list. Vandy smoked Ole Miss and South Carolina has yet to have a big win. I have a soft spot in my heart my the Gamecocks because Garcia parties like a champ and Jadeveon Clowney tracks down running backs like a cheetah. South Carolina 24-20.

Missouri at Oklahoma 8 EST- This game is in Norman so the Sooners get the W. Gary Pinkle agrees with me that the expansion stuff is dumb. You are smart Gary. Oklahoma 35- 14.

LSU at WVU 8 EST- LSU and its amazing defense take their show on the road to WVU. If LSU blew up Oregon's offense, I expect the same here. You never know in Morgantown though. LSU 16-10.

USC at Arizona St 10:15 EST- I will enjoy watching this one to see the Barkley to Woods connection. While USC doesn't have the same aura it used to, I still like watching them. With USC not eligible for the title game, I have no idea who will win the South. Maybe the Pete Carroll and the Seahawks. USC 27-20.

Oregon at Arizona 10:15 EST- Listen Oregon, I had fun last year. I enjoyed the flashy offense, the flashy uniforms and watching the Supwitchugirl videos. I have to be honest though, you lost me in Dallas in week 1. LSU and its dominant D line took you apart. I still think you are the best team out West but I just can't trust you outside of your own conference. I will miss the good times we had together. Ducks 41-26

Enjoy the games. I hope you support Michigan, the best damn football team in all the land.


  1. Somebody watched Eurotrip last night...

    Here is how Mike picks games:
    Step 1: I know nothing about this game
    Step 2: Make a random pop culture connection or make fun of one of the teams
    Step 3: Pick a random score
    Step 4: Random YouTube video to distract from how nonsensical this all is

  2. that sounds like a pretty good formula to me...