Thursday, September 8, 2011

Old Man and the Sea

What a first full weekend of college football. Michigan won, Notre Dame lost and Joe Pa is still around. Some things don't change.

This week the game pick up for the Big Ten as our dear team plays under the lights and Penn St takes on Alabama.

I hope to catch the PSU/Bama game as I roam around Ann Arbor on Saturday. Don't expect anything other than a 17 to 14 game that will resemble a battle between Joe Pa and the Bear. Enjoy the return of the NFL as well...

Friday- Missouri at Arizona St- 1030 EST. A quality game for those starting there boozing on Friday. ASU has some buzz to win the Pac 12 South. I think they will win because Burfict will just hurt everyone on Missouri. ASU 28-20.

Oregon St at Wisconsin- Noon EST. I am not really sure why I have this game here other than to pad my stats. (Which I don't really keep) Wisco 45-10.

Mississippi St at Auburn- 12:21 EST. I have no idea why the SEC starts these games 21 past the hour but I assume it is to crush one or two more cocktails before the game. After watching Auburn last week I have a tough time believing they will beat a good MSU team. Chris Relf dominates all. Bulldogs 38-21.

Nevada at Oregon- 3:30 EST. So, about those Ducks. They get to have the Ohio St, "can't win out of the conference crown," now. Maybe last year this game would be fun to watch. Not so much now. Ducks 38-14.

TCU at Air Force- 3:30 EST. TCU got to the mountain last year and now they get to understand what happens when they come down. Air Force will attack a vulnerable defense. Air Force 31-28.

Alabama at Penn St- 3:30 EST. I already revealed my score for this game but let me explain why. Alabama is much better but they will play it safe with their new QBs and let their D grind it out. Bama 17-14.

South Carolina at Georgia- 4:30 EST- The ever entertaining Stephen Garcia will both excite and baffle as the Gamecocks help out the Marc Richt farewell tour. So Carolina 27- 17.

BYU at Texas- 7:00 EST- This game is actually pretty intriguing. Granted I won't be paying attention to it at all until I look up the score Sunday morning. But entertaining to Texas and Mormons. Texas 24-17.

Utah at USC- 7:30 EST- Utah starts their quest to win the Pac 12. Other than Robert Woods, USC wasn't impressive at all last week. I am going to go with the Utes just to upset the established order. Utah 28-20.

Steelers at Ravens-1:00 EST- I know this isn't college football but I have to put the NFL on here anyway. The Ravens run their mouths and then somehow don't make it to the Super Bowl every year. I am not sure why. Pittsburgh 16- 13.

Enjoy Saturday. I am not sure what to expect.

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